Mar 1 - Mar 7, 2021

Galen Erickson + Kwan + Valerie You


Curated by Underground Flower

The flowers are dried up…
They'll bloom again.

But all flowers dry up…
aren't there some flowers that never bloom?


What the fuck!
I'm trying to take a piss.

Maybe I'm cursed.
My New Year's fortune sucked.
It's got to be your personality.

Am I that bad?
Better than me.
That's not really saying much.
You're more mature than me.

What're you doing after you graduate?
Work? College?

We'll never make it to college.
You think?

I mean, we're cutting class right now, man.
Got a point. Not likely, huh.
What about you, K?

I don't know.
You don't know? This is about you, man!

I realize that.
But I just don't know.
There goes the Ghost. He's got some disease. Won't live much longer.
He should just quit school.


Historically speaking, what's coming after the
The renaissance.
And if renaissance means death, what happens?


Right after.
At 7pm.
No phone calls. Everyone get rid of their phones,
We meet at the mall. It's still open at 7pm. We disappear into the crowd.

Don’t worry


Flowers are meant to bloom, not to dry up. That's what I choose to believe, it's a very
important thing.